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How to Protect your Data Online

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:15 am
by admin
For the Rwandan Friends and other people have transferred their work online due to pandemic period. It is important to regard the security of your data and the data of your clients who reach unto you every second.
there are key important factors you need to avoid.

1. Suspicious links that tells you the tracking record of COVID19 or similar info.
2. Avoid Downloading pop-ups that has nothing to do with you
3. Try to install internet security software such as kaspersky internet security
4. Double check email address you're replying to or links you're clicking to (most of the links are aimed to steal your data and request ransom in order to regain control of your device).
5 Double check similar emails with an imitation of 0-o, 1-l, 9-g or addition on email such as non-recognizable characters such as a dot (.)
6 remember to ask the person you're emailing if he received the email in due time.
7. Add an extra layer of security especially for government and other pubic service providers to use VPN (Virtual Private Network)
8. Make sure your computer isn't left to the links of pornography, dating sites and random online Video Chat as many of them are fake and untrustworthy.
9.If you are purchasing from Rwanda through online platform make use the basic site have the ssl security at hand such as https://
10. Do not provide the three security code number of VISA/mastercard to random service providers
11. Avoid messages, SMS, Whatsapp or emails that tells you "we are your bank customer care provide us with you card details we have issues to access your account for payment" or other similar tone of messages.
12. In case you work for big company where many people rely on them to give them services make sure you have direct contact with police in charge of espionage, Internet Security department or other department in gov. and be specific and able to explain what is wrong with your computer clearly to be able to give you guidelines to avoid person to person contact.
13 Avoid using internet call especially when you work for Government/medical to avoid espionage while sensitive data can be leaked and hence can put people's lives at risk. Try as much to follow government guidelines to how you handle data, which secure site for online meetings, which software to install and which site are restricted for you to visit.

A hacker can use your computer and your credentials to disrupt the entire government services online platforms. For now government activities can be recommended to use SMS, EMAILS, while phone number we would require to use direct call and conference call with superpacks provided by MTN and Airtel

Stay safe to all of you. if you have anything else to add or requires changes please let's know via